Kindly follow the procedure provided in our website  under “admission”. As per the need of the school  vacancies will be notified you can drop your application  on the the school’s email.

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Are surveillance is strong as our school campus and our transport vehicles are well equipped with the  equipments of surveillance to provide safety to our  children.

Vans are equipped with all the safety measures for  our students, we provide camera, fire safety, ladies  attendant, first aid box. we make sure that our kids are  given in safe hands while returning home.

No, your child can not leave the school campus once School Gates are closed . During emergency child can leave only, with the written permission of the parents.

All are staff is well qualified skilled and trained in their respective subjects with good spoken English.

We work on weaker areas of every child, for this we run  special remedial classes to improve academic  achievements.

Our all focus is to cater each and every child’s need.Every  child is unique and our team has worked to create a  special environment through curriculum and co curricular  activities to bring out the best from our students.

At our school we provide such teaching- learning  environment for our students, so as to make them  independent in diverse area of their life, making them  productive at school and at home.

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